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PVC, or polyvinyl chloride pipe, is a highly versatile and reliable material for many plumbing projects. Unlike its metal counterparts, PVC pipe does not erode easily and is much more durable for standard plumbing systems. While many associate PVC pipes strictly with plumbing, PVC has many more uses than meets the eye, including gardening, building structures, and water lines. 

Water Lines 

One of the best uses of PVC pipe is in water lines. Unlike other pipe materials, PVC doesn’t rust or develop bacteria-carrying slime over time that could contaminate your water. PVC is usually less expensive than PEX tubing and copper pipes. Additionally, due to its corrosion resistance, PVC lasts much longer than most metal pipe systems, making it more cost-effective.  

Gardening & Irrigation 

PVC pipe is an incredible choice for home gardens and irrigation.  PVC pipes make great planters, especially for unconventional gardens. They can function as vertical, hanging, and slanted planters.  These pipes provide great sturdy support for tomatoes or any vines. You can build these trellis-like structures easily in varying designs using accompanying joints and fixtures. 

Drip Irrigation

Many professionals and amateurs alike choose PVC pipes for their irrigation systems. Unlike regular sprinkler systems, drip irrigation seeks to directly water the base of the plant targeting the roots and the area surrounding it. By directly watering the plant, drip irrigation conserves water and is thus more efficient. Not to mention, it’s a much more environmentally friendly alternative than sprinklers. 

French Drain System

PVC pipes make French Drains, an irrigation tool that collects and redirects water runoff away from your home’s foundation. These perforated pipes lay underneath soil and gravel, wrapped in a special fabric that filters out dirt and allows water to seep into the pipe. The water then flows through the pipes to be delivered elsewhere. For French Pipes to be effective, the pipes should slope downward to allow the water to flow. 

Storage & Building 

Since PVC is relatively easy to cut precisely, it’s a great material for simple storage cubbies, holders, organizers, storage cups, and more.  It can also be used for small builds such as coat racks, drying racks, forts for children’s playrooms, and more! You can even paint the pipes to achieve the look you’re after when utilizing them for furniture or décor.  

Western Ag is the PVC pipe supplier for you. We manufacture PVC pipes for residential and commercial purposes. Make PVC pipes your material of choice for all your projects, and choose Western Ag for all your residential PVC pipe needs! Contact us now to learn more.  

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