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Today, PVC pipe is one of the best options on the market for many uses – including agricultural needs. What makes PVC pipe so great? For one, PVC pipe is incredibly durable. Properly installed PVC pipe has low failure ratings, and it’s corrosion-resistant, which makes PVC the best choice for all kinds of uses. On top of this, farmers love PVC pipe because they are environmentally friendly. But how long can you expect PVC pipe actually to last?  

What’s the Life Expectancy of PVC Pipe?  

A study done by Utah State University found that PVC pipe can last for more than 100 years! With this long lifespan, it’s no wonder that PVC pipe is trusted by so many. The researchers from Utah State University also found that many water mains seem to fail after 47 years on average. This was usually due to corrosion. As PVC pipe is resistant to corrosion, this makes PVC the superior choice. In fact, PVC pipe was shown to have the lowest water main break rate. Because of its longevity in carrying water, PVC pipe is an incredible option for those in the agricultural industry.   

How the Outdoors Affects PVC Pipe  

As such a durable material, PVC pipe has little trouble outdoors. This makes it an excellent material for above-ground flowlines or similar. A common question many ask is what kind of effect does sun exposure have on PVC pipe? The good news is sun exposure does NOT affect PVC pipe. This makes PVC pipe a great option for any outdoor needs. If left in the sun for a while, PVC pipe’s color will change to a tinted yellow. However, this doesn’t mean the structure is compromised. If you want your pipes to stay that shiny white, you can paint over the PVC pipe to avoid discoloration!   

As you can see, PVC is an excellent choice for those in the agricultural industry. Its long life and durability in the sun help keep your PVC pipe in top condition so you can focus on what you love. If you’re interested in seeing how you can use PVC pipe for your agricultural needs, contact Western Ag today to get your free quote!   

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