PVC is used in several different capacities for construction. At Western Ag, we supply PVC air duct, jacket pipe, and sleeve for various construction applications.

While other materials exist for tasks that PVC is commonly used for, there are clear benefits to using PVC in your residential or commercial construction projects.

Air Duct PVC Pipe

PVC is one of the most affordable, easy-to-install materials used for HVAC projects. PVC air duct can be used throughout a building as it is resistant to many types of corrosion.

In commercial or industrial construction projects, PVC makes an excellent option for ductwork as it can be exposed to gases, fumes, and exhaust without deteriorating. PVC is commonly placed under floors in residential projects due to its durability. Since it is moisture-resistant and incredibly strong, it works excellently for homes and businesses.


Jacket PVC Pipe

Pipe insulation requires protection from damage and contamination that will destroy the integrity of the insulation. PVC Jacket pipe has become the industry standard and the preferred choice by insulation contractors worldwide.

PVC is low maintenance, extremely versatile, durable, and attractive.

PVC Jacketing systems have become the desired choice on construction projects where stringent USDA guidelines must be adhered to. After the PVC jacket pipe is sealed, using our PVC sleeve, it becomes impenetrable to contaminants and moisture. PVC jacket is ideal for all applications, whether hot or cold.

PVC Pipe Sleeve

PVC sleeve and jacket pipe work together hand in hand.

A PVC sleeve completes the connection between two pieces of PVC jacket pipe.

When adhering them together, the sleeve slides over the jacket pipe. After they are adequately sealed and insulated, the bond is resistant to outside contaminants and moisture. Contact us now to learn more!