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Western Ag Sales Co., Inc. was founded in 1976 by a group of 28 former Gifford-Hill Western, Inc. employees. It was initially structured as a chain of retail outlets for agricultural irrigation and equipment, with its corporate headquarters in Lubbock, Texas.
In November of 1977, Western Ag began manufacturing PVC pipe at its present location in Plainview, Texas. In 1979 the corporation decided to concentrate its efforts solely on pipe production and sold its retail outlets. One of the few American-owned plastic pipe manufacturers in the country, Western Ag is now strictly a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of PVC pipe in the agricultural and construction industries.
Over time the company has aggressively expanded its physical facilities by adding new extrusion lines, upgrading material handling systems, adding PVC compounding facilities, and a gasket manufacturing plant.

Western Ag’s mission is to produce and supply high-quality products at a fair, competitive price.

Our motto is Quality People, Better products!

About Western Ag, About Us

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