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PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes are becoming more popular in various industries and for good reason. PVC pipes have significant advantages over their metal counterparts. In addition to PVC being less expensive than metal piping, it’s also more flexible and easier to handle. The plastic material is easier to repair and offers a corrosive-resistant solution for plumbing needs. 

Before you commit to metal piping for your next project, we suggest considering some of the benefits PVC offers over metal. 

Impact resistance: 

One of the primary advantages of polymer pipes is their impact resistance. Because these pipes are lightweight, they are less likely to crack or break when they fall or hit other objects. Because metal is heavier, impacts can cause more damage to the pipe itself or other objects. Because PVC pipes are less likely to crack or break when exposed to blows, they are a more reliable option in environments where they may be exposed to stress.


Unlike metal pipes, PVC pipes are also much more flexible, which makes them ideal for working with in situations where you might have to install them in tight spaces. PVC Pipes hold up better when faced with pressure or extreme force. The pipe’s flexibility allows for movement to be transferred through the line. In contrast, most metal pipes would simply break. 

Chemical resistance:

One of the most significant downfalls of metal pipes is their susceptibility to corrosion. Harsh chemicals in water react with the metal piping and create corrosion and sediment buildup within your plumbing system.  PVC pipes are more substantial than metal because they are resistant to those various chemicals. 


Polymer pipes have a longer lifespan than metal pipes due to their resistance to corrosion, impact, and chemicals. They are also less likely to become brittle over time, which means they will maintain their strength and durability for many years. If you’re in need of strong and reliable piping, consider making the switch to polymer pipes.


Let Western Ag Show You What PVC Can Do for Your Project.

At Western Ag, we guarantee the quality of PVC pipes. If you are still on the fence about whether or not PVC is suitable for your next project, give Western Ag a Call. We’ll gladly talk you through how PVC can benefit you and provide you with economical and efficient solutions for your piping needs. 

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