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Like any other construction material, plumbing materials have changed more than a few times over the years. Today’s preferred plumbing materials are PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, which has many benefits over metal piping. From its cheap manufacturing cost to its durability and ease of use, it’s no wonder that Plumbers and homeowners prefer it.

Benefits of PVC Pipes

Corrosion Resistance

Piping material like metal is susceptible to corrosion due to strong flow rates, elevated levels of oxygen, and sediments that flow through the water lines. Cities often have trouble with old pipes that run through them because of the extent of corrosion that has taken place over the years. This problem doesn’t threaten PVC. The reactive qualities in metal aren’t found in PVC, which reduces the potential for broken pipes. 

Low Blockage Risk

If you’ve ever held a PVC pipe in your hand before, you have probably noticed how smooth it is. The inside of the pipe is similar and allows water to run through it unrestricted. The lack of texture and ridges keeps sediment buildup from taking place inside the tube, ensuring that water continues to run at maximum pressure and with little need for service. Blocked pipes can cause severe problems in plumbing systems, so by reducing the likelihood of that happening, you are saving yourself a lot of time and money later down the road. 


It’s been proven that PVC pipes can continue to work efficiently for over 100 years. When you think about 100 years of reliable water flow, it’s easy to see why PVC is a preferred choice. Where other water lines would have to be replaced or repaired due to corrosion, blockage, or breaks, PVC continues to work like it’s supposed to and offers peace of mind for many years. 

Cost Efficient

Saving money upfront always feels nice, and with PVC pipes, you will be saving money at the counter, but beyond the initial savings, you are likely to be saving yourself a lot more when you choose PVC. Because it is resistant to corrosion, breaks, and blockage, maintenance on PVC pipe is very low compared to other materials. By choosing PVC, you’ll be putting money into savings rather than drawing it out for repairs. 

Resistant to Breakage,

PVC piping is rigid, like metal or cement. It has some give when pressure is applied to it, making it a perfect solution for water systems near trees and shifting soil. When force is applied to the pipe, it bends, unlike other materials that break or crack first. 


PVC was developed under heavy scrutiny from top researchers before it became available on the market. Therefore, it meets and exceeds all international standards for safety. you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t harming yourself or the environment by choosing to use PVC over other piping material.

The Choice is Clear

With so many benefits over metal piping and other available options, PVC is the obvious choice. Cost-efficient, safe, and relatively maintenance-free, PVC has revolutionized the plumbing industry and beyond. You’ll likely see other trades also using this highly sought-after casing solution. From plumbers to electricians and engineers, PVC is helpful in almost every industry. 

Call The Experts

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home. Making sure you have the best options available is important; at Western Ag, we believe that option is PVC. Plumbers know that we are the number one PVC manufacturer in West Texas. If you want to ensure you get the piping you need, call Western Ag. We were ready to supply your next replacement or repair.

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