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The costs of construction materials are on the rise, and that’s a trend that you can expect to continue. You can blame the steel import tariffs, EPA regulations, and the chain of supply breakdown, but it’s a reality that’s here. It’s real, and it’s affecting your business.  

With the rising costs, you’ve probably already been looking for the materials and solutions that will support your needs. Even if you’ve been using metal piping for the HVAC systems in your residential and commercial buildings for years, it’s time to consider other options. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you use PVC pipe for your HVAC applications.  

PVC is Versatile  

PVC is the best choice for HVAC installation situations where you don’t have crawl spaces available. Beyond the accessibility issue, PVC is more resistant to temperature change compared with aluminum and it’s more flexible compared with steel. PVC pipes are stronger, lightweight, and more resilient. So, you won’t face the same issues with corrosion or leaking. there  

PVC is Safe 

PVC pipes are also dent-resistant and durable—they’re safe and reliable for temperatures up to 140 degrees. They are resistant to corrosion, leaks, and bursting. PVC Pipes are an excellent choice and a sustainable solution. Studies show that PVC pipes are easier to install, use less energy, and need fewer repairs, they even last at high functioning capacity for up to a century! This leads them to be a safer choice for ground stability, drinking water, and so many other applications.  

PVC is an Affordable and High-Quality Choice 

While you’ll continue to see steel prices on the rise, you’ll love the low cost of PVC. Even the low cost doesn’t undermine the quality of the product, though, which is why it’s such a great solution for your HVAC requirements whether it’s a commercial or residential project.  

With all the benefits, PVC really is a great option for your next HVAC project. At Western Ag, we offer a variety of PVC products. With more than 4 decades of experience, we can help you choose the proper PVC pipe for your next project. Contact our team today! 


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