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Life Expectancy 

Traditional metal piping corrodes much faster than PVC pipe, and, thus, experiences more failures. On average, most metal pipes only last around 50 years due to corrosion-related leaks or breakages, whereas PVC pipes last indefinitely, with an estimated lifespan of 100 years or more.  

For long-term solutions with minimal maintenance, PVC pipes are a longer-lasting investment. 

Durability & Corrosion Resistance 

Unlike metal alternatives, PVC pipe is resistant to corrosion and abrasive substances. This, in turn, leads to a longer life expectancy and minimal repair and maintenance costs. 

Water Quality 

Our drinking water is more susceptible to harmful chemicals and contaminants than we tend to realize. The majority of metal pipes pose some threat to human health and safety towards the end of their “shelf-life.” Galvanized steel can release lead, cadmium, and the cancer-causing hexavalent chromium into water streams over time. 

Additionally, the smooth inner lining of the pipes makes it difficult for sediment to accumulate or for bio-film to build up, keeping the water supply free of unnecessary bacteria or particles. 

Fewer Blockages & Higher Flow Rates 

Their sleek and smooth lining makes PVC pipes conducive to fast and efficient water flow rates. As such, they are less prone to failures due to clogs or blockages.  

Strength & Flexibility Under Pressure 

Despite its appearance, PVC pipe is extremely durable. The material is made to divert and distribute weight by flexing or bending under pressure instead of cracking. Not only does this make it less prone to leaks, but makes your pipes less vulnerable to growing tree roots that often burst or crush other lines, leading to costly repairs.  

Ease & Speed of Installation 

Experts report PVC installations to be 30% faster than most metal installations, primarily due to the different “welding” processes and the weight of the parts. The less the materials weigh, the fewer safety issues arise; thus, less labor is needed. 

Lower Costs 

PVC pipe costs less when considering the long-term added costs of installation, repairs for damaged pipes, and purchasing costs of metal pipe. The PVC’s superior lifespan and durability your lower replacement and maintenance costs. PVC pipe is the way to go when looking for a long-term investment that will give you the most bang for your buck with as little upkeep as possible. 


If you’ve ever held PVC pipe, you know it’s much less of a burden to carry and transport than metal pipes. With its plastic texture and makeup, PVC is six times lighter than its steel counterparts and much easier to install. 

Chemical Resistant 

One of the most common dangers of using traditional metal piping is the risk of chemical contamination. Specifically, the fear lies in chemicals contaminating your water supply or having your pipes suffer damage from abrasive chemical reagents being poured down your drains.  

PVC pipe is resistant to many chemicals and isn’t affected by many household products that would typically ruin metal piping, withstanding things from household acids to fluorides and brine. Additionally, PVC pipes won’t contaminate your water with harmful chemicals like lead or the previously mentioned hexavalent chromium because of the material used to make it, unlike old or rusted metal pipes.  

Versatility & Household Applications 

PVC pipe isn’t just for plumbing. While it’s an excellent option for water lines, many homeowners and DIYers have also transformed the versatile material for other home improvement projects.  The most practical applications for PVC pipe are gardening and irrigation, as they work well as planters, trellises for vines, drip irrigation, and creating French drain systems. Others use them for storage and small builds such as décor and coat racks. 

Ready to Switch to PVC Pipe? 

Now that you know all the qualities that make PVC pipes the best choice for your plumbing or irrigation projects, it’s time to find a supplier. At Western Ag, we carry quality products for both agriculture and construction. With more than 40 years of experience in the PVC pipe manufacturing business, we can help you find the proper equipment for your specific needs. 

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