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There are many ways that PVC pipes can be used in agricultural applications. Some of these uses include: 

  • Irrigation pipes 
  • Above-ground flowline pipes 
  • UV pivot pipes 
  • Well shrouds 

The benefits of PVC pipe don’t just stop at its versatility. It is a superior, cost-effective, green choice for your farming needs. Here are 3 reasons why PVC is the superior choice for your farm.  

PVC Pipe is Easy to Install 

Installing PVC pipe is 30% faster than other pipes. You save time and money on labor costs when you update and create your irrigation, water, electrical, and air dispersal systems. Your project will be up and running in record time. It will also be completed more affordably than any other product currently on the market.  

PVC Pipe is Durable 

In a variety of scientific studies, both in the states and internationally, PVC is superior when it comes to its lifespan. Not only can it handle surges of pressure without rupturing, but it also has an incredibly high crush resistance level. PVC pipes have lasted without breaking, leaking, or leaching salt and chemicals for over 50 years. They are projected to last for 100 years with minimum maintenance. 

Zero Waste Water Transportation 

PVC pipes are leak-proof and corrosion-proof. They don’t absorb dangerous chemicals or minerals from the soil. Water that is safe for drinking at the beginning of its journey through a PVC pipe distribution system will remain safe for drinking at the end. This saves you money on water loss, filtration, and transportation costs. 

When transporting expensive fertilizers or chemicals for your crops, those products will not be released into the soil until they arrive at their destination. This saves you money, water, repair costs, and time. You won’t be fined for groundwater or soil pollution. With drip irrigation and zero-waste manufacturing, PVC pipe is the green choice for your agricultural needs. 

Western AG is the local expert on agricultural PVC pipe manufacturing. Contact us today for a greener, safer, more affordable farm tomorrow. 

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